Dear Friends,

I have been privileged to represent northern Minnesota as your State Representative from District 5A since 2008. The success in my three campaigns was only possible by the generous support from individuals like you. Thank you for your past support- it really made the difference. I hope that you will support me again in the upcoming election.

I do not take this or any election for granted. District 5A is considered a swing district and we have been targeted in the past three contents, so as always, I am prepared for the 2014 General Election.  I will work hard, campaign hard and take nothing for granted, but to win I need your help.

Minnesotans want common sense leadership.

Minnesotans are looking for leaders who can bring people together and move our state and the people’s agenda forward. My background and experience have proven to be valuable when seeking solutions to our challenges and restoring Minnesota to a place of leadership. I will continue to put the interests of Minnesotans first and work across part lines to find common sense solutions for the common good. With many serious issues facing us when we return to St. Paul, I am ready to hit the ground running.

I won’t be easy, but by working together, we can find common ground, work through our differences and create a better Minnesota where we have:

  • Affordable Health Care
  • A Fair Tax Policy
  • Enhanced Job Opportunities
  • Quality Schools
  • Safe Transportation And
  • Clean Renewable Natural Resources

I welcome the opportunity to discuss issues important to you. Please contact my campaign at 218-209-1271 if you would like to visit with me.

Representative, John Persell
DFL Candidate
Minnesota House District 5A

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