Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your generous support. I am proud to represent our District 5A in the State Legislature. Since being elected House Majority Whip in 2013, I have continued with my responsibilities of listening to and advising my House DFL colleagues.  Of course, these relationships are two-way streets, and I have benefited from the skills and experience of my colleagues as we work together to build upon our many Minnesota strengths.  After a dozen years of our State running a deficit and cutting budgets, it took some tough votes to get to the State’s $1.2 billion budget surplus that we have today.  You may recall that nearly every Republican predicted doom and gloom for our State if we raised taxes on the wealthiest 2%.  Rest assured, I have every one of the doom and gloom Republican quotes at the ready for this 2016 election campaign as we give the effort needed to win back our House DFL Majority. 

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2016 Session is a bonding year

This upcoming 2016 Session is a bonding year.  The Legislature and Governor worked in 2015 to put together our State’s bi-annual budget. You may recall we put in a little overtime in a special Session to get the budget finished.  So in this bonding year, the Legislature will work on a statewide bonding bill that focuses on critical infrastructure needs such as college and university buildings, state trails, wastewater and drinking water needs, and other regional projects such as our Northern Minnesota Veterans Home.  I will be a strong advocate for our projects to my Legislative colleagues and Governor.

The State’s budget surplus does offer our Legislature the opportunity to invest in education, both E-12 and Higher Ed.  As you know, several of our school districts must use classroom dollars to transport students due to insufficient State funding.  I will work hard to improve that situation as well as push for a freeze on higher education tuition so students don’t graduate with a student debt weight like a house mortgage.  A ten year roads and bridges funding package is also a priority for me as is job training, rural broadband and business incentives for creating and retaining living wage jobs.    

Your input is appreciated and vitally important to me as initiatives make their way through the Legislative process. Please feel free to contact me by phone or email at my office in St. Paul or at my home in Bemidji. I also look forward to visiting with many of you in person when I am able to get home on the weekends or if you have the opportunity to come to St. Paul. Thanks again for your continued support and encouragement.

Representative, John Persell
DFL Candidate
Minnesota House District 5A
Email –
Phone – 651-296-5516


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